Elderly Ladies Clothing

Elderly Ladies Clothing Choices

Elderly ladies clothing that is easily removed for changing for a patient in a nursing home or is being taken care of in the home, is very important for their comfort and and the ease of caregivers being able to look after their needs. It is a sad truth that when we age we require greater care whether it is at home or in an institutional setting. To lower frustration for a parent and a care giver accessible clothing is a must.

Open back clothing or adaptive clothing allows easy removal and dressing. Open back is actually overlapping back with snaps or Velcro for closures. This type of clothing is best for both toileting a client or changing clothes for washing or changing into night time wear. Once a person loses their mobility and flexibility, or if confined to bed or a wheel chair adaptive clothing are the garments of choice.

Adaptive clothing relieves the pain that can be associated with lifting arms beyond their normal range of motion. Since Adaptive clothing is slid on from the front tight joints are not stressed when the shirt or dress is being put on. This helps to relax both the care giver and the patient as both know that dressing will not be the painful ordeal that it was with regular clothes.

Elderly Ladies Clothing Tee ShirtOpen backed Tee shirts like the one to the left are stylish and easily slipped in and out of.

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Adaptive Shower CapeThis shower cape allows full coverage as well as ease of removal as needed.

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Open backed Night GownThis cotton flannel night gown is opened backed for easy access or changing.
Soft and cozy flannel is comfortable and breathable.

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Open backed shirt and pant cobinationLacross knit pant and top set with adaptive open backed top for ease of putting on.

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Apaptive Summer DressThis light and airy adaptive summer dress comes in several different colors.

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Men's Adaptive Golf shirtAdaptive clothing is not just for elderly ladies. Senior men that have limited mobility will benefit from open backed clothing as well.
This Polo Jersey has snaps on the back to easily open up to allow wearing without raising the arms to put the shirt on.

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