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Welcome to Elderly Ladies Clothing

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Elderly Ladies Clothing

It is difficult to find elderly ladies clothing when your parent has been admitted to a nursing home or the hospital. If the person is still mobile, regular clothing with some modifications can work. Once mobility declines or if the elderly person is confined to wheelchair or bed adaptive clothing is required for their comfort.

Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing is really clothing that is open back clothing. It usually has velcro closures that can be easily open. The purpose is to be able to change the persons clothes while they are still seated or lying in bed with a minimu effort of both staff and the client.

Being able to open the back of the clothing makes it much easier on nursing staff to change elderly ladies clothing  and elderly gentleman’s. Since it is easier for nursing staff it is much easier for your parent or loved one. They don’t have the hardship of being pulled around unnecessarily. Think of fighting with a toddler to put on his snow suit. The difference is toddlers are much more flexible and don’t break as easily.

This website introduces you to some options for elderly ladies clothing and adaptive clothing for seniors. More posts to come with sources and suggestions for adaptive clothing.

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